Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Li'l Abner

On August 13, 1934 cartoonist Al Capp began his famous comic strip "Li'l Abner". The cartoon started out in 8 newspapers and eventually be in more than 500 newspapers, be a Broadway Play and a movie. Li'l Abner lived in Dogpatch, Kentucky. There were many characters involved in the story line. Li'l Abner Yokum got his last name by combining yokel and hokum. Bearwiskers thanks Al Capp for a great and funny comic strip.


  1. Genius! Love Al Capp and LI'L ABNER, (now being reprinted in its entirety, including full-color Sundays, by IDW Publishing.) There's also a 2011 documentary on the way, produced by Capp's granddaughter for PBS and their "American Masters" series.

  2. Mike - thank you - I would love to see it!