Monday, August 9, 2010

Betty Boop

Betty Boop made her first appearance on August 9, 1930 in the cartoon Dizzy Dishes. Betty Boop was created by Max Fleischer and appeared in the Talkatoon film series. Besides the films, she has appeared in 2 cartoon strips, one in 1930's and another in the 1980's and 2 TV specials in the 1980's. Betty's first voice was performed by Margie Hines. Betty Boop has a large collection of collectibles and is still popular today. Bearwiskers says TY Max Fleischer and family. TY to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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  1. I used to watch Betty Boop cartoons as a kid. Don't remember seeing a movie.
    Fun looking back..........I had a Betty Boop doll at one time.