Sunday, July 11, 2010

Babe Ruth

July 11, 1914 Babe Ruth becomes a major leaguer with the Boston Red Sox. He earns $2,900 in his rookie year and six years later he earns $125,000 a year (about $1,250,000 in today's money) when he signs with the New York Yankees. The "Babe" was born George Herman Ruth Jr. and was nicknamed "the Bambino" and "the Sultan of Swat". Babe was born in "Pigtown", a rough neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. "Babe" was the first sports superstar and baseball's greatest hitter.
The Pigtown Festival will be held this year on September 11, and for a great time, if you are in the area you should attend, and don't miss the Running of the Pigs!

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  1. Wow - they have the running of the pigs!?
    Is that like the running of the bulls but pigs?