Tuesday, July 20, 2010

American Hero

Alvin York, the World War 1 hero was born in Pall Mall, Tennessee. Alvin York was the highest decorated American soldier in World War 1, among honors presented to him were the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, World War 1 Victory Medal, American Campaign Medal, French Legion d'honneur, French Croix de guerre with Palm, the Italian Croce di Guerra and many others. The Sergeant Alvin C. York Historic Park, located in Pall Mall, TN, is a great place to visit and see the history of this American Hero.
The Gary Cooper won the Oscar for Best Actor in the 1941 movie hit , Sergeant York.

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  1. Is today something special for Alvin York?

    I love the old movies, but Wow didn't realize it was a 1941 movie.
    I watched that movie.