Saturday, October 30, 2010

War of The Worlds

It's October 30, 1938 and we are sitting around the radio listening to our favorite program. All of a sudden the radio announcer brakes into our programming saying that Space Ships have been sighted landing on earth! Orson Wells caused mass hysteria and frightened tens of thousands of listeners to flee from their homes and start praying when War of the World aired on Radio. The play was so good that people mistook it for the real thing.
Today people would be out there with their camera phones and it would be up on utube instantly!
Eye reporters would be on the spot reporting and Saturday Night Live would have a comic spot about it on their next show. Bearwiskers says... bring on the martians. Hey wait, didn't I see martians at Walmart the other day?


  1. We saw all kinds of cute and scary costumes!

    Talking about the radio show....... can you imagine not having tv and listening to the radio and hear that - not realizing it was a show!
    I have seen 2 War of the World movies.

    One - 2005, Starring Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning. Directed by Steven Spielberg.

    Two - 1953, Starring Gene Barry, Ann Robinson and Les Tremayne. Directed by Byron Haskin.

    Did you see them both? Which one did you like best?

  2. I liked the first on, lots better, in black & white. Tom is too pretty for me to be scary.