Friday, January 21, 2011

Boss Radio

On this day in 1935, in Philadelphia, Pa, WFI-AM radio merges with WDAR to form WLIT and later to form WFIL radio (now WEAZ). WFI was owned by Strawbridge and Clothier and WDAR was owned by Lit Brothers. Later the new station was moved to 46 th and Market St. next to the Arena, which was the first broadcasting facility in the nation specifically for TV broadcasting. This is where Bandstand started with Bob Horn and later Dick Clark as host. In 1964 WFIL moved to City Line and Monument Ave. Many name change and owners later, WFIL is owned by Salem's WNTP which was WIBG, WFIL's main rock n roll rival. Bearwiskers says...Cool!

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  1. Wow Wow Wow - all I didn't know.
    I used to listen to WIBG radio!
    I once won tickets as a teen to a concert by knowing what the call letters stood. LOL we were driving down Roosevelt Blvd and I made you pull over so I could call-in.