Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Sunday all, I hope everyone is ok after the bad weather yesterday. We had rain and thunder, but the teddy bears slept thru it all. Teddy snores really loud, maybe that was the thunder boomers I heard.


  1. LOL Now I hear you are blaming the noise on the bears.............LOL that was thunder - I thought it was you. LOL
    Funny how I can hear your snoring but not mine. LOL

  2. Good Morning. Okay , let's play nice. No comments on snoring. LOL LOL I don't snore, I stayed awake one night to see and I don't snore.LOL LOL We had rain again last night but no storms. Have a beary nice day.....Sending bear Hugs, Mimi

  3. Now that's funny. Bear hugs back to you, lol.